Storm Damage Photo Gallery

guy shoveling snow

Snow Days

Snow won't stop us! Give SERVPRO of Newtown/Yardley a call for your restoration or winter weather emergency! We have the experience, expertise, and equipment to make it "Like it never even happened."

Point Pleasant Home Flood

The flooding in this Point Pleasant Home migrated down the hall and into the living room. The homeowners were devastated that all their carpet would have to be removed. Flood water is contaminated and all the items it touched will need to be removed.

What is a flood cut?

You might have heard a technician say "flood cut" or read about it online. When a home has been flooded by a storm then it is necessary to remove any contaminated materials as well as cut 12 inches above the flood line.

Strom Damaged Home in Woodside Neighborhood

This home had some major damage when some of the bricks were loosened during the winter. Cracks in the cement, along with ice damming, allowed water to get behind the bricks which froze and continued to push them out.

Gutter Cleaning in Newtown and Yardley

One way to avoid damage to your home during a storm is to have your gutters regularly cleaned. A blockage in the gutter can cause a dam and water to spill over a window or door which may not have enough of a seal.

Flooding in Woodside

This woodside home flooded after heavy rains had hit the Woodside area. The homeowners were amazed at how much water they found in their home. After pumping out the water most of the basement needed to be restored.

Morrisvile Storm Damage

The flood water entered this home through the window wells leaving behind debris and dirt inside their basement.

SERVPRO of Newton/Yardley can help your home be clean after flooding or storm damage.