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Crawlspace Damage

Water Cleanup Damage Near me

Water damage in New Hope, PA

This is an after picture of a crawlspace that had significant water damage.  The crew responded and began clean up right away. The water was removed and the crawlspace was cleaned, dried and treated.

Containment for Mold Remediation

Containment for Mold Remediation

SERVPRO has professional equipment for your mold remediation. The team has special containment techniques to ensure the mold spores do not spread throughout the home affecting other areas.

Mold Remediation Crawlspace

Mold Remediation Crawlspace

SERVPRO has special cleaning techniques and solutions for your mold remediation.  This crawlspace suffered damage from significant water standing under the home.  This caused mold and mildew to grow quickly.  SERVPRO responded immediately and was able to remove the mold from under the home. 

Duct cleaning is part of fire restoration.

Fires allow a lot of smoke to go through the house, especially if the A/C or Heat is running. The smoke odor and soot need to be removed from the air ducts to keep the house from continuing smelling badly from the fire.

New Carpet After The Storm

This basement flooded during a storm but the new carpet turned out really nice. It is best to remove any furniture off the carpet if it ever gets wet to avoid staining from wood furniture.

Solebury Home Fire Restoration

The fire that started in this home was devastating in its effects. The second floor received mostly smoke damage but these stairs acted as a funnel for smoke and fire to get into the upstairs.

Water Damage in Trenton Office Building

This past summer SERVPRO responded to an after-hours call from a property management group in Trenton. When we arrived on site, SERVPRO of Newtown Yardley observed sites like the photo above. Not only was water pouring from the ceiling but water made its way into wall crevices, carpets, wall cavities, and insulation. SERVPRO worked tirelessly overnight and over the weekend to immediately reduce secondary damages that can be caused by slow response time or poor work procedures. At the end of the job, SERVPRO helped our neighbor business get back into the office by Monday and normal business operations restarted Tuesday after the previous Thursday night's loss. Our normal response time for any job within our territory is a few hours, once again this proved to be extremely useful for our customers. When water damage strikes your Newtown, Yardley, New Hope, or Washington Crossing home, strike back with the professional team at SERVPRO.